We uploaded the slides from the opening and closing DIS 2014 keynotes:
Opening keynote: On Icarus’ Wings
Closing keynote: City Studio Vancouver


Highlights and Special Features of DIS 2014

We are very excited about the conference and want to point out some of the special aspects of it.
- On Sunday evening, we not only have a small reception along with registration in the Vista Lounge atop the hotel, we have a design charrette — the Design Jam. (If you signed up for it when you registered and now cannot attend, please cancel so that we can add someone from our waiting list.)
- continental breakfast and lunch are included. They will be just outside the three ballrooms used for presentations.
- Our opening plenary speaker is Peter Paul Verbeek.
- On Monday evening, we will have a DIS Experience Night which not only will have demos and works-in-progress but a pecha kucha presentation of workshops, provocations, and best papers. Extra tickets are available at
- besides papers and notes, we premier here the new pictorial format of design publication.
- we have two special presentations highlighting design issues and approaches in this region: a panel on Tuesday “Honoring Protocol: Design by, for and with Aboriginal Peoples” and our closing plenary “CityStudio of Vancouver”.

At the ACM conference on Designing Interactive Systems in 2014 we will explore the idea that the design of interactive systems is entering a new socio-technical paradigm around the idea of craft. The theme of the conference is “Crafting Design”. We see the confluence of phenomena that may constitute new approaches and new foci in HCI and interaction design. The re-emergence of hand skills is evident in the development of multi-touch and full body interfaces. DIY and Maker cultures has become a wide spread phenomenon in which craftsmanship of the maker matters. Wearable computing revisits the use of traditional craft in new way and the (technologically) self-constructed self is another kind of democratic craft. Documentations of the self where we create enduring records of everything from social encounters to our heart-rates become designed vehicles for abstract mirrors of the self.


DIS 2014 will be held in the beautiful, dynamic and international city of Vancouver, BC. Located on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada. DIS 2014 will be hosted by a collaboration of the Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, the School of Interactive Arts + Technology, the Interaction Design Research Center, and Virginia Tech’s Center for Human-Computer Interaction.











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